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The Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Dining Chairs – A Timeless Classic Master Piece

Herman Miller design chairs are not only a stamen of home décor but also useful furniture. From a range of classic designs which are still number 1 in terms of modern design the Eames design dining side chars are true accent furniture. These dining chairs are not only a design master piece but also accounts for their usability. These side chairs are a perfect choice for any young family as they are completely childproof. These side chairs are also very easy to clean and long lasting furniture. All Herman Miller’s design are timeless master pieces, but the plastic molded chairs are legendary creations. The Eames chairs minimal curves have been replicated thousands of time around the world but the original design is still inspirational lesson for any designers around the world. The Eames chairs are comfortable because of its thoughtful design. The plastic molded dining chair has no sharp edges. From the base to the backrest, every curve flows effortlessly. Even though, the chairs are made of hard plastic, the ergonomic design makes these side chairs very comfortable to sit, even for long sitting period. During 1950s the original design was made of fiberglass. However, thanks to the modern knowledge of environmental impact of fiberglass, all the Eames side chairs are now build with molded plastic. The slightly textured finish surface gives it matte feel as well as reduces the glare of direct light. The iconic Eames design dining chairs comes in two popular designs: the wire base mostly known as “Eiffel Chairs” and wood dowel base. The Eiffel chairs design is actually resembles the Eiffel tower in Paris. Whereas, the wood bowl design has more colorful and lively feelings in it. The wood bowl Eames chairs has been an essential ingredient for home décor photos, as the wooden legs add some natural flavour to the room. The Eiffel base is usually chrome finish giving a very modern look. However, the shiny chrome base are not at all irritating because of glare as well as breaking or re-welding hassles. The backrest of these side chairs also give a taste of ergonomic chairs. The back has some flex in it so that the chair can endure the weight and does not snap when someone leaning back. The true design of these molded plastic does not bent it merely flexes a bit and returns back to its curve shape. Like all other Herman Miller designs design the plastic molded chairs from 1950s are still considered modern design. These side chairs come with so many different colors to blend into the interior decor. These plastic chairs not only serve as dining chairs they can also be used in so many different environments like waiting rooms, cafes, restaurants,  garden or patio chairs as well. Browse modern design dining chairs

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