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The Eames Lounge Chairs a closer look to the original and the replica.

An icon of American design the Eames lounge chair is one of the best since 1956. The lounge chair has set the model for comfort and style. Since its inauguration in mid-century the most prominent feature of this chair is that it does its function so well that it does not need to change. The Eames lounge chair has been around for more than half a century and still it remained unchanged. Based on the date the chair can be considered as classic however, its design and construction has made this furniture the best lounge chair among modern furniture. Herman Millar is the manufacturer of the true icon of Eames Lounge Chairs available in today’s market. However, there are a lots of replica Eames lounge chair carefully constructed true to the original with a very low competitive price. also manufacture and sell these replica lounge chairs in top grain pure Italian leather and various wood finish like rose wood, walnut and natural oak.


Below I will be providing you with some of the most important factors to look for when buying a replica Eames Lounge chair.


The original Eames design lounge chair is still manufactured in the USA. However, the replica designs are made overseas usually in China. That, however, is not always the reason of low quality product. There are some factories in china that go the extra mile to maintain the quality and beauty of this chair true to its original.


Another distinguishable feature of Eames lounge chair is its dimension. There are complains that the replicas don’t get the dimensions right and dimensions are important for the overall aesthetic of the design. The Eames chair is well known to pack a lot of comfort in a relatively small space which is also part of its charismatic appeal. Few replicas are too big to offer the more comfortable look. However, that throw back the aesthetic look. The original design of Eames lounge chair has two sizes: classic and tall. Some argue that the classic version is too small for big and tall people.


The Eames lounge chair is not a typical recliner. It swivels at the base but not meant to go back or forward from its base. The tilt is 15 degree and the sitter is meant to be in a position between lying and sitting. Good replicas tend to follow this sitting posture as closely as possible.

Bestselling are usually in walnut wood and black leather. The replica designs are tend to follow the flow and only sell tis variation. However, the original version of Eames design can have a variety of wood and leather color to fit the interior of the customers.

The cushions of the original Eames chair design are removable. This feature is very important as if you want your chair to last longer you may have to re upholster the cushion at some point. The wooden shell of the original design have veneer on both side. This is the evidence of exceptional craftsmanship of the original design. Some of the replica design may not have removable cushions which may also mean the wood is not veneered on the both sides either.


Another unique feature of extraordinary design and craftsmanship is that all the nuts and bolts of the chair are invisible. The only visible hardware of original Eames lounge chair is the two spines that connect the headrest to the seat back. To create this innovative elegant look Eames invented a type of rubber shock mount that holds the components together from inside. On the other hand some of the replica design may have visible nuts and screws showing through the wood which ruins the elegant smooth look of the wood pieces.

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