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Ultimate Scratching Cat Lounge Pet Kitten House - Large iPet

This elegant and stylish scratcher is the ultimate furniture for your cat. Having the item at your home will prevent your cat from scratching your furniture sets. The scratcher's curves is a great feature that makes it from an ordinary scratcher to a decorative comfortable cat lounge;

This lounge scratcher has vertical design which can fit the cat's body structure. This cat scratcher is made with cardboard to create a natural liked environment for your cat to play in. There is a big hole for exploration, and the special vertical design offers your cats a comfortable experience. Our pet products are professionally designed to flows with the owner's home decor.

Key Features

  • Naturally attracts cats
  • Durable construction and dense cardboard lasts longer than other scratchers
  • Large surface area can hold multiple or larger cats
  • Curves make for easier scratching and a more comfortable place to rest and play
  • Quantity = 1
  • Weight = 6 lbs
  • Width = 10.5"
  • Height = 33.9"
  • Depth = 10.5"

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