Black Modern Wire Chairs (Set of 2)



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Black Modern Wire Chairs (Set of 2)

This unique Modern styled wire chair was first conceptualised in the mid 20th century by Charles Modern who is a designer of great innovation and creativity. The wire chair comprises of a delicate but sturdily constructed structure and a combination of cross-woven wires and leather seating that emits a sophistication without detracting from comfort and practicality. This reproduction is a high quality seat at a reasonable price. There are two seat colors available; white and black.

Key Features

  • High quality wire chair of the original Modern chair created by the ingenius Charles Modern
  • Wire steel frame with welded steel rods and leatherette seating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable yet still emits a mid century classic vibe
  • Arm Type = Armless
  • Quantity = 2
  • Weight = 53 lbs
  • Width = 18"
  • Height = 34"
  • Depth = 18"

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