Modern inspired DCW Modern Dining Chair Side Chair in Walnut


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by Nicer Interior

This Modern DCW Dining Chair is a tribute to the original, harnessing the power of minimalist design and organic materials to produce a piece that is elegant and functional.The back and seat of the chair are moulded from 5-ply plywood, while the legs are created with 8-ply plywood for increased strength and durability.

Rubber shock mounts are incorporated to absorb pressure and protect floors. The longer legs of this innovative chair make it ideal for use as a dining chair, yet it is equally suitable as a side chair, lounge chair or statement piece.

This stylish chair comes fully assembled, ready to add a designer touch to your home, office or restaurant.

Size: 20"W x 29"H(measured from back) x 21"D x 18-16"SH (slopped from front to back)

Key Features

  • A timeless retro style inspried by Modern.
  • Made by real walnut wood veneer over durable plywood.
  • Features curved angular legs and a surprisingly comfortable minimalist seat.
  • Fully pre-assembled to the chair secure and sturdy, and free from scratch.
  • An affordable luxury, built without any compromise to the original specifications and construction.
  • Arm Type = Armless
  • Quantity = 1
  • Weight = 18 lbs
  • Width = 22"
  • Height = 29"
  • Depth = 22"


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