54″ Inch Cat Tree Condo Scratching Post, 3 Platform, Brown

$ 79.69

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54″ Inch Cat Tree Condo Scratching Post, 3 Platform, Brown

$ 79.69



This multiple-tier cat home features multiple platforms and hiding spaces that give your cats hours of entertainment and helps support positive scratching behavior. Surprise your cat with a new environment in which to play. Cats will be delighted exploring the openings, stairs, and shelters for hours, relieving boredom while you are at work. Spacious enough for multiple cats to explore. Natural sisal ropes cover the posts, providing as scratching posts so your pets will not scratch your furniture and carpets. Multiple resting stations to ensure that your pet will be comfortable when they get tired of playing. Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools.

Product Specs

  • Overall Size : 18W x 18L x 54H
  • Base Board Size : 16W x 16L
  • Top Perch Size: 14W x 14L
  • Size of House : 6W x 16L x 9.5H

Key Features

  • Well structured, imitates a natural environment and lasts longer than other cat trees.
  • Large space for cats to roam around and play
  • 3 Platforms suitable for smaller cats
  • Covering Material: Faux Fur; Board Material: Pressed Wood; Posts covered by natural sisal rope.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for 54″ Inch Cat Tree Condo Scratching Post, 3 Platform, Brown

  1. brittany

    I was a bit scared to buy it, because my cat is pretty big in size and a little bit on the chunky side. He’s also a very active cat, and I was afraid that he would know the tree down and destroy everything.
    But this product is amazing! It was easy to set up by myself (and my cat enjoyed the process by playing with the box) and it’s pretty sturdy. Of course it’s a little wobbly when my cat is playing super hard, but overall is fine. He loves to climb, play with the rat/bird thingy and even rest on top of it.
    I strongly recommend it

  2. tlumber

    I bought this for a visit to my brothers place for my country kitty. He’s now 5 months and is ripping it up in our cabin. We spent all day driving and taking ferries to get here.
    It’s a new place for my kitty and he hid under the bed when he got out of the carrier. That’s until I got this assembled. I threw his toys into the box and he got rowdy.

  3. LK

    had to put a little extra weight on the bottom level so it was less wobbly but my cats are obsessed with it!! good value

    Update 6 months later: my three cats have shredded all the posts down to the wood underneath. Hard to argue with that kind of use!! Clearly this was a good purchase.

  4. Sheliza Ganie

    I like the cat tree but when the cats get excited they knock it over pretty easily because the base is too light for the height. It would have been nicer as well if the layers were staggered instead of stacked directly on top of each other because it’s tricky for my older cat to climb straight up and down – the youngest however likes the challenge. The hanging toy on top is very popular.

    Set up was fairly easy except for part of it you have to feel around inside the box for where the screws go and you can’t see what you’re doing. It shouldn’t take more than 20 mins to set up and the instructions are pretty clear.

    Next time I would look for something a bit heavier, or shorter if it’s going to be that light.

  5. Kristyn

    My babies LOVE this! They don’t use the covered area much, but they love jumping all over it. The only shame is that the mouse is difficult to connect to it. It’d be better if there was a metal piece that it could be tied to, cuz then I could also replace it, but it broke off early and I can’t find any reasonable way to re-attach it or attach anything new… and they LOVED the mouse so it’d be great to re-attach. Oh well.

    Otherwise it is being well-used and is holding up well again two kittens who love to jump and scratch. 🙂

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