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Eames Lounge Chairs – A name of versatility, Comfort and Iconic Look

For more than half a century Eames lounge chairs are the finest of its kind. These chairs the best accent chairs that blends beauty, comfort and historical value. These Eames lounge chairs are the crown jewel of Herman Miller Eames design range. The may be so many other furniture with more daring lines or eye catching sculptural ideas, but the Herman Miller Eames lounge chairs is the greatest of the last century because of its design and comfort. Every aspects of this chairs deserves to be admired and worthy of celebration.

Eames Lounge Chair Classic Home

Even if the chair wasn’t been design by an already celebrity designer, perhaps by someone forgotten it would still be a major piece of furniture on its own. That’s because of its comfortless and supportive elegant curved design.

Charles and Ray Eames are one of the best furniture design team in the USA. They are best remembered for the furniture designs they have made. There are a good number of Eames chairs that have been the icons of modern and classic chairs designs. Among them, Eames lounge chairs are the best of the Eames designs. Charles and ray Eames are not only furniture designs they were also teachers, architects, filmmakers, scientists, inventors, photographers, toymakers, and all around designers. They were highly creative, motivated and playful. Beside furniture design they have also made memorable short films that are still shown today. The Eames lounge chairs are however, the crowning achievement. The chairs fits everybody just right like a glove.

The style of the Eames lounge chair is effortless or at least it seems that way. The concept of the lounge chair the old catcher’s mitt is reflected in the unhurried, unpretentious, un-busy surface of the chair. The wood and leather of this chairs fit together perfectly as the peanut butter and chocolate of modern furniture. The chair is surely modern by its design since the last century! It is not dated at all and looks appealing fresh and new as it did when it first came out half a century ago.



Today’s furniture industry has picked up the design as one of the best selling point. The original Eames lounge chairs are also getting reproduced with the name of replica, reproductions or inspired-by. If not the same as original design there are few reproduction Eames Lounge chairs that has archive a close accurate to the original. The Eames Lounge chairs come with different wood type and color as well as the pure leather quality and color.

Eames Lounge Chair - Modern Interior Design

Few reasons that makes Eames lounge chairs so prominent:

  1. The warmth of finest pure leather and the appealing design curves of the colorful wood work.
  2. A classic piece that combines comfort, natural style and still a modern design after half a century. The sensuous curvy structure and leather cushions make up a lounge interior elegant and comfortable.
  3. The Eames lounge chair minimalist design has made it a center part of any simple home interior design and enhance its look.
  4. Either a modern or mid-century living room the Eames lounge chair is a sleek counterpoint to many different textures.

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