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Eames Chairs – Versatile Design for Elegant & Casual Look

The icon look of Eames design chairs transforms any place into a master piece of interior design. Eames chairs even if they are dining chairs, side chairs, lounge chairs or accent chairs they don’t need any additional decorative elements in order to stand out. As well as these chairs have a unique feature of blending into any living spaces like your porch or dining area. Eames rocker as an example of Eames design adds an elegant look and stands out in any interior decor. On the other hand the Eames side chairs are perfect for the dining room.


Eames Rocker


Molded plastic armchairs with dowel base introduced by Charles & Ray Eames was first produced with padded upholstery back in 1951. The updated version of this simple design sculpted to fit the body and offers supported foam padding making it safer, greener and easy to remove or recycle. Few of the recent design comes with only molded plastic design similar to other dining chair design with a wooden rocking base. The chair can be produced in so many different colors and wood quality. The molded plastic shape gives an ergonomic shape for your body making it equally comfortable as the dining chairs or side chairs.

Eames Rocker in Living Room

The Eames rocker can be a pleasant and fun addition to a living room. The Eames rocker comes in so many different colors and design materials so that you can keep up the neutral color tone in your dining space. On the other hand a rocker chairs can be a great piece of home decor for your bedrooms as well. Its delicate curves and unique design is a cozy addition to your bed room.

Eames Rocker in Bed Room

Place it near the window or the corner of the bedroom and you have a stylish place to sit relax, read or just enjoy the view through the window. A rocking chairs is not only for the grandma as the story suggest. An Eames rocker can be a fun addition to the kids room as well. The curvy design of Eames rocker is not only pleasant to look at but also safe for the kids.

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