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Cat Tree – A necessity and home décor

Cats are territorial by nature. For cat lovers it can be sometimes a reason for headache. Cats love their owners and try to associate them with the furniture or any other elements in the house. However, it sometimes back fires as cats tend to scratch furniture as they hold the smell of the owner. The scratching behavior is just an intrinsic behavior and a way to show love. If you have a cat destroying your furniture consider buying a cat tree or cat scratching post. Below I am discussing few types of cat trees and what are the things you should look for when purchasing a cat tree.

Cat Tree

There are many different design and style of cat trees for sale. A high quality cat tree should have a dimension of around 38″ X 27″ X 62″. Some cat trees are manufactured in compressed wood making it nice, sturdy and covered in a faux fur material. These cat trees also contain multiple tiers for the cats to climb. These trees can also be decorated with a functional ladder, hammock, hanging rope, chubby hole which are some of the playful features of cat trees available in the market. Additionally some of the cat trees also come with sisal ripe for the cats to claw.

Some of the best features to look for in a cat tree includes Sturdy pressed wood construction, light faux fur covering, multiple posts and layers, perches and hideaways, sisal rope-wrapped surfaces for scratching as well as wide base for stability.

Cat Tree

Designer cat trees are also available in the market. Some of you may be concerned about your home decor and may not find a good match of cat trees available for purchase. A designer cat tree may come with best color match with your existing home decor. They can also be constructed in heavy materials so that the trees can sustain some of the heavy cat tree breeds.

Wrap up on cat trees:

Cat tree tires: cats love to climb. One of the main feature of cat trees are how many tiers they have. However, multi-tier cat trees may be vulnerable for some of the big cats. Therefore, be extra cautious about the weight limit of the cat trees.

Scratch post: cats love to scratch. A cat tree must have a scratching post possibly with a comfy bed just within the reach.

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