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Buying a Cat Tree – Find the Best for the Best

Cat trees are the best ways to keep your furry friend entertained. If you are trying to keep your cat away from scratching other furniture as well as give it a mini playground.

A cat has an intrinsic behavior of climbing trees. They love to climb the trees as high as possible and sometimes they can’t even come down! Which is why they is another new type of furniture called cat trees. A cat tree is an artificial structure like a tree that a cat can climb. Cat trees are safe, a good way to entertain the cat as well as they are nice looking to blend with your home furniture.

Cat Tree

There are thousands of reasons why you should purchase a cat tree. Some cat owners prefer cat bed or scratch post for their cat and may think a cat tree may be waste of money. A cat bed or a scratching post may be cheaper and playful for the cat however, a cat tree can give your cat all the climbing, scratching and relaxing in one place and it’s a great looking furniture.

A cat is a very territorial. It has a tendency of scratching all over the house to mark its territory. A cat tree can help the cat having its own property without making a mess in the house.

A cat three also help the cat have a good claws. Many cat trees also come with scratching posts which the cat can play and scratch. This a cat’s intrinsic behavior and it also helps the cat weaken out the old nails. These scratching post are very easy to trim and remove as well as keeps the cat busy and away from other furniture.

Cat Tree

Cat trees are also a good means for your cat’s safety. Cat trees will help the cat stay at home and away from real trees that can cause harm.

Beside design and look there are several other factors to look for when buying a cat tree. A cat tree must be robust and sturdy enough to hold the cat or cats. Watch out for weight limit. Some cat trees are may not be suitable for bigger cats. The support and base should also be robust enough to avoid it from falling over or braking. A cat tree base should be enough wide and made of quality materials. If you plane to move or shift your house in near future then make sure the tree is also easy to assemble or disassemble.

Cat Tree

A cat tree can come in different theme or features like scratching post or little hangers where you may hang your cats favorite toys. A cat tree can have perches, ladders, tunnels or large platforms to avoid slipping or falling.

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