True Features of Eames Design Lounge Chairs

Because of the popularity of Eames lounge chairs, there is a big number of replica design available in the market. The iconic design of famous furniture designer Charles and Ray Eames was first introduced in 1956. Since then till today this lounge chair not only considered as classic design abut also modern piece of art. Herman Miller is the company who got license to produce original Eames design chairs. That said, there are few replica design that also deserves admiration because of the true craftsmanship within budget. However, there are also manufactures who cut corners either to offer less price or just to sale more perhaps.

One of the most apparent feature of Eames design of this lounge chair is the fixed tilted posture. The tilted architecture of this chair makes it more popular than any other recliner, the permanent tilt makes the chair take the weight off the sitter’s lower back and spine. In the other hand some of the replica design has got adjustable tilt which can be put upon the user’s choice of decision. However, as per the iconic design the tilt is ergonomically fixed and that’s what makes it superior then others.

Another feature of Eames design lounge chair is the size and shape. The original design will measure 32 inches from the floor to the top of the headrest. The front seat edge is about 15 inches above the floor. Also the distance between the arms and from front to back should be 32.75 inches in an authentic Eames lounge chair. The replica designs may not follow the above measurements. There are some replica Eames design lounge chair that are made a bit bigger than the original design. The chair height and width may be altered based on customer specification or popularity of the bigger version of Eames lounge chair reproduction. Having said that it is also proven that the original measurement of Eames lounge chair has its own comfort feature and eventually the winner of modern design lounge chairs.

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