The Architectural Design of Barcelona Lounge Chair

The Barcelona chair is not a result of deep aesthetic thinking. In fact, this mid-century architectural marble is just a random artistic design via sketching on a piece of paper. The design was first introduced in 19th may 1929 at Barcelona International Exposition.

The designer of famous Barcelona chair Sergius Ruegenberg trained as a structural engineer in Berlin before joining the office of architect Bruno Paul where he received architectural training. During 1925 to 1934 Sergius Ruegenberg worked in the office of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe on a lot of key projects including Villa Tugendhat in Brno and German Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona Exposition.

Although there wasn’t any bold plane for the pavilion on 1929 Barcelona Exposition Mies van der Rohe designed a stool with and X-shaped bent steel base and Sergius Ruegenberg’s job was to develop a lounge chair to go along with this stool. While exploring for ideas on where to begin Sergius Ruegenberg went to the shores of Berlin Lake wannsee where he sat in the sand of an ideal sitting position, an impression into which he then pressed pliable steel wire.

In addition to numerous seat forms Sergius Ruegenberg also adapted and adjusted the form, depth and length of Mies Van Der Rohe’s original X-base to better fit his seat forms. it is evident that the iconic chair is a fusion  of two designers creative imagination. On a question from Martin Gärtner about the re[resentativve chair where the Monarchs King Alfonso XIII and Queen consort Victoria could briefly sit, Sergius Ruegenberg states, Mies Van Der Rohe wanted to create a chair the exposition and the pavilion merely providing the opportunity.

To Mies van der Rohe the Barcelona chair is an object for his architectural project rather than as a commercial product. The first version of the chair were made to order by metal fabricator Joseph Muller in Berlin. Finally during 1950 Mies allowed Knoll Associates to produce Barcelona Chairs in commercial basis.

Since then Barcelona chair has witnessed a lot a fame and praises. As a result the world of furniture industry has faced a lot of reproduction of Barcelona Chairs. Need not to say the Barcelona chair replica do get a lot of low quality reproduction based on quality or measurements, there are a lot of manufacturer who produce good quality Barcelona lounge chairs that are manufactured in pure leather with stainless steel frame manufactured as per the design.

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