Eames Lounge Chair – What to Look For When Purchasing One

Eames lounge chair is one of the most popular design lounge chair in the last century. The Eames design lounge chair got its popularity because of its blend of design and comfort. The design is a true piece of genius furniture design architecture.


The essence of this architectural marvel is also vulnerable of design replicas around the world. There are hardly any furniture stores across the world that does not sale one of these Eames lounge chair design. Some of the replica designs are not only cheap but also very similar to the original design. However, it is important to know what the true features of Eames lounge chair are. So that when you are in the market you know what brings the comfort along with elegant design. I will be discussing few true features of Eames lounge chair in this post so that you are aware what to look for when purchasing Eames lounge chair.

Shell of the Eames lounge chairs are typically made of cherry, walnut, rosewood or santos palisander. Any other wood material are likely fake design models. The chair has five legged base also known as five-star base. Whereas the ottoman has four. The legs rise in a cone effect angle not too flat or steep.

The back braces are made of die-cast aluminum not square tubular aluminum. The bases are also die-cast and painted black with polished aluminum trim. Natural rubber shock mounts and adjustable stainless steel glides. Another important feature which is hard to ignore is armrest are craved not flat. The armrest leather upholstery is also carefully crafted where as some design may have a single piece of leather wrapped around the edge.

Lounge Chair

The ottoman is the exact same size as the seat of the chair. The cushions should be interchangeable which part of the design!  Some of the replica design Eames lounge chair got reclining feature whereas the original design is fixed. Another most important feature of Eames lounge chair design no matter it’s the original or replica design is that no visible screws or bolts! None.

Eames Lounge Chair

It cannot be denied that some of the replica design has made a point because of the price tag. However, the true design of Eames lounge chair speaks for itself. If the budget does not permit then there are good number of replica design which are very close to the original. The original design has made its point with the architectural details that makes the chair element and comfortable. Therefore, if you are purchasing a replica Eames lounge chair then make sure it meets the design specification above. So that you can enjoy the best comfort and Eames lounge chairs is providing since the last century.

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