Choosing the Best Eames Lounge Chair

“The warm receptive look of well-used first baseman’s mitt” as envisioned by the legendary furniture architecture Charles Eames the stunning  Eames Lounge Chair still convey the dream as it was half a century ago. The original design is licensed and manufactured by Herman Miller Company located in Zeeland Michigan. On the other hand, there are a big number of replica design popping up from all over the world. Because of the stunning design and popularity the Eames lounge chair has become the most copied furniture design in modern market. With the number of manufactures and market competition the quality of the chair also varies. Some manufacture are notorious to cut corner so that they can either stay in the competition or just make a more affordable cheap design chair. In this post we will discuss few aspects of the original design so that our customers can decide the best design Eames Lounge Chairs themselves.

Eames Lounge ChairThe most important thing to consider about Eames Lounge Chair is the rubber in the shock mounts which may shrink making the chair brittle. As all most all the replica design also uses rubber shock amount it important to double check the design quality even though the design may not cost in any close range of $5000 or more.

Eames Lounge Chair

Among many offers Eames Lounge Chairs replica design the closest in the entire Canada and USA. Like the original design the carefully crafted premium quality lounge chair shells are lacquered on both sides and the cushions are removable. We are offering this chair in three most popular wood veneers (Palisander, walnut and oak). The cushion are filled with PU injected foam which are soft but substantial and offers maximum comfort and support.

Eames Lounge Chair

Visually the lounge chair is the closest to its original design. The buttons set in the leather, the depth of the dimples as well as the creases of the leather all conform to the original specifications. Down to the smallest details the chair manufacturing process has been respected to the smallest details.

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