Cat Trees – Essential Furniture for Your Home & Pet

Cat trees are very essential for any cat owners in the modern city dwellers. For someone who never had a cat might think it’s an unnecessary furniture or an extravagant purchase. However, to ensure an enjoyable life for your cat and let it live in its natural environment a cat tree can be a very useful furniture.  

A cat tree helps the cat to stay a few feet above the ground. Cats love staying in elevation so that they spot potential opponents. A cat tree lets a cat stay a bit above the ground giving it a clear view of its surrounding which makes the cat comfortable and worry free. A cat tree also gives the cat its own place or territory which every cat crave to have. A cat tree lets the cat hang around to its own familiar place rather than hiding underneath couches and beds which also has unfamiliar scents.

If someone has more than one cat then a cat tree can also be more useful. A cat tree can help reduce territorial fights between the cats. The alpha cat can establish its rank by sitting on the topmost perch instead of fighting with each other to establish its dominance over others. With a cat tree your pets can maintain their pecking order without having to constantly exchange blows.

With the above in mind it’s easy to establish the importance of cat trees. Furthermore, it is also essential to choose the right cat tree for your cats when you are shopping for one. A cat tree is also part of the home furniture, so it needs to adjust with the existing furniture in terms of look and size. There are several factors when choosing the best cat tree for your cat and home.

The cat should be able to sit comfortably on the perch and inside the cat condo. If the cat tree is too small for the cat, it may make him feel unsafe and eventually it may refuse to use it. However, it is also important that you have space for a large luxurious cat tree which may look great but can take up a huge space in the room. Typically a tall cat tree is always the best choice for any large size cats. However, it is also necessary that the tree has been made from sturdy materials. The cat may not want to use a cat tree that rocks side to side when he jumps in it. So it is important to have a cat tree tough and durable and does not wobble.

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