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The Barcelona Chairs – Buyer’s Guide

The first Barcelona design chairs and ottoman was first came in display at 1929 held in Barcelona, Spain. The legendary design was a master piece of two titans of modern furniture designers and Lilly Reich. The flawless design was an instant eye catcher at the German pavilion as an icon of modernist architecture. The pavilion […]

Eames and Nelson the mid-century Supernatural

The combination of Eames and Nelson is truly match made in heaven. They are the power couple dominating the furniture industry since last mid-century. Their work has epitomize an entire movement in furniture design. The Eames design chairs are well known for their functionality as well a cool look. They are made to impress at […]

Eames Chairs – Versatile Design for Elegant & Casual Look

The icon look of Eames design chairs transforms any place into a master piece of interior design. Eames chairs even if they are dining chairs, side chairs, lounge chairs or accent chairs they don’t need any additional decorative elements in order to stand out. As well as these chairs have a unique feature of blending […]

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