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Best Dining Chairs for Family Dinners

Dinning space is the most important place in a family house. It is the place where we spent the best quality time of our life. Here are few things to consider when you are about to present a pleasant dining experience for your family.

The height of the chairs and the tables make it all for the best comfortable sitting space. Think about the little feet that would be swinging back and forth from the chairs. The ideal height of a dining chair is to leave 12 inches between the chair and the table. Also in case of arm chairs there should be around 7 inches gap between the chair’s arm and the table top.


Dining Chairs


Durability and usability are the two balancing criteria when choosing a good dining set. In case of dining chairs Non-upholstered or minimum fabric chairs are the most common as they give better durability. Even though a pure leather upholstered dining chairs are more comfortable to seat on they might be hard to keep clean on a dining environment. Nowadays the plastic molded chairs or DSW chairs are very popular as they are very light weight and easy to clean. Besides a molded is very functional, they can be used as guest chairs, suitable for outdoor or patio use as well.

Another elegant idea on choosing dining chairs is to have a variety of design. It is really not important to have all the dining chairs of same design and color. We can use a plastic DSW chairs for the litter messy ones or an adjustable height chairs or stools for the need of extra height. We can also use a bit more comfortable cushioned arm dining chairs for the tidy responsible persons.

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