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Barcelona Chairs Replica Design – Alternative Budget

The Barcelona replica design sharing the same hand-crafted features as the original with a fraction of price. The replica design also known as modern design, inspired by also comes with the highest quality exact measurements and above all real leather.

Barcelona Chairs

The most notable features that are common on the original design and the replica chairs include the iconic 40 individual panels on the real leather seat cushion. Leather straps dyed to match the seat leather hand stitched and tufted. These Barcelona chair seats are manufactured in aniline leather top-grain high quality.


Barcelona Chairs


The cushion panels are sewn together using lock stitching in braided thread. The seats are stuffed with long lasting (memory) foam. The 12mm solid core stainless steel frame is as sturdy as the original design. The hand buffed still frame gives these chairs outstanding shiny look. To meet the variation of taste the chair cushion can have colors like black, brown, red or white. The leather seat can have pony leather giving the Barcelona chairs and accent look. The replica Barcelona chairs are mostly very similar to the original except it sits a bit more upright than the original.

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