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Bar Stool Height and width – Choosing the Right Bar Stool

Bar stools come in various design and shape. As well as a bar stool also plays a vital role in your business success. In this post we will introduce you various type of bar stools available in the market so that you can decide easily which one to buy.

A bar stools dictates the theme of a bar or restaurant. There are four types of bar stools based on the height counter height, bar height, extra tall bar stools and table height bar stools. Obviously the height of the table determines the height of the bar stool. Even though there are adjustable height bar stools.

Modern Dining Room Bar Stools

Bar stools are also popular for easy sitting in the kitchen or dining rooms for their versatile shape. Use this guide to buy the best suited bar stool for your space.

First measure the height of your counter or table, starting from the floor up to the bottom of the counter/table top. Below is a chart of typical table height and stool types.

Home Bar Stool height

Stool Type Stool Height Table Height
Low height or table height stools 16-23″ 28-30″
Counter Height Stools 24-27″ 35-39″
Bar Height 28-33″ 41-43″
Extra Tall 33-36″ 44-47″


Counter Height vs Bar Height Stools

Counter Height vs Bar Height Stools

Recommended Uses:

With 16-23″ height these stools often has a shape of a chair and may come without backs. Great option for residential use as children seating or casual chairs.

Stools with a height of 24-27″ are a bit shorter then commercial bar stools. These stools are a great option for residential stools typically as dining table stools or kitchen as well as home bar. The bar stools are the most popular stools in the market as they can also be used in commercial settings as bar stools.

28-33″ height stools are among the most favorite for restaurant and bar. These stools are also ideal for work space like garage. These stools are ideal for standard built-in bars also can be used in kitchen seating.

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