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A modern Office Chair – Eames Design Sleek Stylish Executive Chairs

There are many aspects that we need to keep in mind while purchasing a chair. Firstly the budget, then the room the chair will be placed in and above all comfort. Ultimately the chair is the place where we spent most of our time therefore, it has to be comfortable and also durable.

The Eames chairs are well known for their artistic look. These chairs are iconic pieces of furniture that would make any interior decor to a lively environment. The swivel upholstered chairs with armrests in real leather or mesh is part of the Aluminum Group Chairs Collection design by Charles & Ray Eames. The chair has all the required elements necessary for a good office chair. With a sleek looking shape and height adjustable design the chair is very versatile and can be used in almost all the needs inside an office. The chair comes in three different color white, grey or black making it seamlessly match with your office color theme. These chairs can be used as desk chairs, conference room chairs, reception room chairs and enhanced the modern look of your office. The chairs are very comfortable whether it is upholstered in real leather of mesh back. The shine chromed stainless steel construction make these chairs an absolute eye catcher.

Eames Chair

The original design model EA105 chair was a simple lightweight aluminum frame, slim-line upholstery. The upholstery is constructed in one continuous piece and stretched tightly between the aluminum side supports. This allows the upholstery to mold ergonomically to the body shape.  The original design had a four star base which in turn advent to a safer five start base to offer more stability.

Eames Executive Chair

As with any classic design there will be a reproduction. The Eames chair replica or reproduction if manufactured properly are capable to hold the pride of its ancestor original design. Even a replica design can meet the Eames chairs important need the comfort. The chair is undoubtedly comfortable. The chairs single piece upholstery mostly made in pure Italian leather follows the shape of spine and helps sit upright while working.

Executive Chair


The original design frame had bakelite casters while the reproduction may have chrome caster and plastic. On the other hand the advancement of the reproduction may include pneumatic/hydraulic lift.


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