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A closer look at The Wishbone Chair’s Classic Style

You couldn’t do better than the if you’re looking for a dining room or kitchen chairs with a timeless charm that will last for decades. The chair was designed for Hansen & by Hans J. Wegner in 1949, and has been in continuous production since 1950.
A trained cabinetmaker, Hansen opened his workshop on furniture in 1908. It manufactured custom-made furniture in the early days, and then slowly began to manufacture a smaller series of its most famous items. It opened a factory in 1915.
Since 1950 the has been in continuous production and is made from the same 14 pieces that take more than 100 separate steps and approximately three weeks of planning. New technology is being used today but it was all performed pretty much by hand in the early days.
The back and legs are sanded during the production process, to give them the curvature that makes this chair so elegant and classic. Another distinguishing characteristic is the Y-part fixed to the back of the chair. It is made of solid laminated plywood, which falls into a groove in the chairs back.
The entire system is sanded by hand until the pieces are connected to each other. One of the finishing steps after that is weaving. It is a hand-woven seat be made of a paper cord of more than 12 meters.
The chair’s style hasn’t changed since it was first invented. As sophisticated, plain and stunning as ever it has stayed the same.
The chair was not initially offered in a wide range of colors. Today there are more than 150 exclusive varieties. You can pick from a number of different shades and colors to find the one that fits your décor best.
Since the chair is built so basic and timeless, it can be incorporated into a number of rooms, styles, and decors.
The is not only elegant but also convenient due to the hand-woven seat made of paper cord that has a longevity of more than 50 years.
While the chair was first designed back in 1949, it is still very popular today and, thanks to its clear and simplistic appearance, is still seen in new and contemporary designs.
The are comfortable enough for use in the outdoor dining areas as well. Whenever you put them they feel just as classy and trendy.

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